Currently over 40 different cats have joined Rise of Cats. Each cat has a unique skill that will help them better fight their enemies. Among them, some cats are good at causing more damage to the enemies, while others can strengthen friendly cats or weaken enemies. Each kind of cat can play its own specialties in battle!

How to get cats

To get your own cat and start the game, you can:

Buy Rise of Cats Genesis Blindboxes;

Trade with other players on the marketplace.


The specific abilities of each cat are determined by 5 attributes: attack power, attack speed, critical rate, critical damage, and skill power. The role of each attribute is as follows:

Attack power: the damage caused by each attack of the cat

Attack speed: the length of time between the cat's two attacks

Critical rate: The probability of cats causing critical attack

Critical damage: The multiple of the original damage caused by the cat during critical attack.

Skill power: Affects the power of the kitty's skills, every 1 skill strength will strengthen the effect of the cat's skills, and the bonuses are different for different types of cats.


In Rise of Cats, cats are divided into 6 different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Epic and Legendary. When each cat is created, it will belong to one of the above 6 rarities. The higher the rarity of the cat, the easier it is to obtain a higher value when obtaining its initial attributes. The output ratio of each rarity cat in the game is as follows:







Random attributes rules

When each cat is created, random attributes will be generated according to the following rules:

Cat attributes = basic attributes + additional attributes

Basic attributes: Determine the basic attributes of the cat according to the type of cat. Basic attributes do not include skill power.

Extra attributes: Cats get extra attribute bonuses randomly, and the higher the rarity, the more attribute bonuses the cat gets.

Extra attributes are provided at most: 40% extra attack power, 30% extra attack speed, 100% extra critical rate, 150% extra critical damage, and 12 skill power.

Edit your team

Before entering the game, players need to edit their cat team.

Each cat team contains 5 different types of cats. You can team up with attacking cats and supporting cats, and try different cat lineups to get the best gaming experience.

To check the details of cats, please check:

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