CO-OP Mode

Basic rules

In the Rise of Cats Co-op mode, two players will work together to resist the mice's attack. The mice will be born at the starting point of the battlefield of both sides according to the wave, and will move towards the common path in the center of the battlefield. If any mouse passes the end point, the game ends, and the rewards are settled according to the wave insisted by both players.

In the co-op mode, the rules of level up in-game, fish, and combine are consistent with the PVP mode.

Mice & Boss

In the co-op mode, mice appear in waves, and the health of the mice generated continues to increase. When the player defeats all mice in this wave, they can enter the next wave.

In some waves, the boss will appear, and players need to defeat the boss to enter the next wave. The skills and abilities of the boss are consistent with the PVP mode.

Co-op rewards

Each player has 5 times of cooperation mode per day. Whenever the player cooperation mode game ends, according to the wave that the player insists on this time, the player will receive yarns. The yarn can be used to open a cooperation chest and obtain a random number of CatPay.

When the player does not have the number of co-op games, the co-op mode game cannot be started.

When you create a room and invite friends to play, you will also receive rewards and deduct the number of cooperation modes normally.

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