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Tournament is a regular event gameplay that will be held periodically. Players pay an entry fee to sign up for tournaments and play against other players who have signed up.

Once the tournament starts, players can play against each other and earn tournament points. When the tournament ends, players will be ranked according to their tournament points and will be rewarded according to their ranking.

In tournament play, the amount of the prize pool is determined by the number of players participating, the more players participating, the larger the prize pool amount, the more rewards players can get.

Tournament play is where the best players of Rise of Cats compete their skills and fight for the grand prize. Players need to upgrade their cats and try out cat matches in order to beat their opponents and win the grand prize.

Random mirror mode

Random mirror mode is a new PVP gameplay mode.

To play a random mirror game, you need to pay an entry fee of 50,000,000,000 CatPay

In each random mirror mode game, both players need to pick 5 cats from 7 same random cats to fight against each other. The game rules is same as PVP games. The support team bonus does not work in random mirror mode.

The winner will get 85,000,000,000 Catpay rewards.

All of the cats are chosen randomly from the staking cats. When a random mirror game ends, each picked staking cat will provide the owner with CatPay Rewards. CatPay Staking Rewards = [(2*Entry Fee) - Winner’s Reward] * 5%. The current rewards for each picked cat in random mirror mode is 750,000,000 CatPay. If both players pick your cat, you will earn 1,500,000,000 CatPay from the game.

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