PVP Mode

Basic rules

In the PVP mode of Rise of Cats, two players will defeat their respective mouse on the battlefield. Each player has 3 health points, mice will be born at the beginning of the path and move towards the end.

Whenever a mouse reaches the end, the player will lose 1 point of life (boss and elite mice are 2 points). The player who loses the last health point will lose immediately, and the opponent player will be the winner of the game.


Fish is a prerequisite for summoning cats in the battlefield. The first summoning of cats requires 10 Fish. After each time of summoning cats, the fish that needs to be paid is increased by 10. At the beginning of the game, both players have 100 Fish, and each time a mouse is defeated, the player will also get Fish.

Combine cats

In the battlefield, cats are all 1 star when they are summoned. Two cats of the same star can be combined into a random cat with a higher 1 star. High-star cats have a faster attack speed.

When combining cats with more than 2 stars, the combat effectiveness of the cats may decrease. A 4-star cat requires 8 1-star cats to combine, but it does not cause as much damage as 8 1-star cats.

Level up in-game

In the battlefield, players can upgrade designated cats and spend the corresponding Fish to complete the upgrade, which is called ‘ level up in-game’. After the upgrade, the combat power of this type of cat will be improved, including the cats that have been summoned and the cats of this type that will be summoned later.


In PVP mode, pawn mouse will appear at regular intervals. In addition to ordinary mice, there are faster-moving mice and elite mice with more health to join the battlefield. The health of mice will slowly increase over time.

Whenever a mouse is killed, a pawn will be spawned on the opponent's field.


At the beginning of each game, a boss will be randomly selected by the system. If the game is still undecided after 120 seconds, the boss will appear on both sides of the field, and other mice on the field will be cleared. The health of the boss is the sum of the health of all mice currently on the field of the player. During this period, the pawns will not appear according to the original rules. Each Boss has different skills, which brings more powerful threats to players.

If both players defeat the boss, the game will continue, restart to spawn pawns, and randomly select a new boss. After 120 seconds, a new boss appears on both sides of the field, and the cycle continues until the two players decide the outcome.

PVP Bonus

Each player has 5 PVP bonus per day. When they have PVP bonus, players can get extra rewards by winning PVP games. The higher the player's rank score, the more rewards they will get. If the player fails in the game, they will not receive rewards, and the PVP bonus will not be deducted.

Players can still play PVP games without PVP bonus, but cannot get bonus rewards. The rank score will change normally, and other rewards will be issued normally.

When players create rooms and play PVP games with friends, they will not receive any rewards or deductions, and the rank score will not change.

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