Getting Started

To play Rise of Cats, you need to download the game at first.

1. Download the game

You can download the latest version on

2. Register and login

You can register your account by email address and then login. You can also create or import your wallet to login to the game.

3. Complete the tutorial game

After you login, you will start a tutorial game to learn how to play a game.

The tutorial game will end in about 5 minutes.

4. Get NFT cats

You can get your own NFT cats by purchase Rise of Cats blindboxes or buy cats on marketplace.

Before you buy cats, you may need to deposit CateCoin to your game.

You need at least 5 cats to start a game.

After that, you will be ready to start your game. You will be able to play both PVP or Co-op modes to enjoy the game.

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