In-Game Marketplace & Wallet

You can freely sell and purchase cats in the marketplace.
Sell: Sell your in-game NFT cats or frames at the price you set. Any other player can purchase your NFT. A 6% fee will be taken for the transaction.
Purchase: You can browse all the NFT items for sale and purchase them. You can also filter all cats by rarity and attribute value.
In-Game Wallet
You can import your wallet using a security recovery phrase or private key. You can also create a new wallet.
Using the In-Game wallet, you can quickly perform various token and NFT transactions.
Deposit: Deposit your tokens and NFTs to the game.
Withdraw: Withdraw your In-Game tokens and NFTs to your wallet.
Transfer: Transfer tokens and NFT from your wallet to the address you enter. You can transfer NFTs in bundle.
Swap: Swap one kind of token in your wallet to another at the swap rate.
Security features: You can set and modify your passcode, export your private keys and security recovery phrase.
Last modified 1yr ago