Refer & Earn

Refer Friends

You can share your invitation code to your friends or enter the invitation code from your friends.

If you Refer a friend, you get 10% from all his purchases till life time.

Yes all purchases including New Blindboxes and Marketplace trading sales.

Your Friend gets 10% discount on his first Blindbox purchase (first purchase only) Marketplace trading sales not included.

For example:

A. New Blindbox sales:

You Refer a Friend, and he purchase one blindbox today, you get 10% share Not only first time, every time he purchase you get 10% share. [LIFETIME]

Your Friend: he gets 10% discount on his FIRST purchase only.

B. Marketplace trading sales:

If your friend purchase through Marketplace trading (Worth $1000), then Marketplace earns 5% ($50) commission (fee) and you get 10% ($5) of it. For every marketplace trading, you will earn 10% of his Fee.

Your Friend: he don't get any discount on Marketplace trading purchases.

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