CateCoin is the main token in the game. Players can purchase NFT assets and services by spending CateCoin.

Deposit & Withdraw CateCoin

Players can deposit CateCoin into the game, or withdraw CateCoin into the wallet.

You need to wait for 14 days after the first game before your first withdrawal. After that, you need to wait 14 days for each withdrawal.

Gas fees are charged for transactions.


Catpay is a decentralized reward token for Catecoin

CatPay is a kind of universal token in the Rise of Cats world, and players can earn CatPay by playing Rise of Cats. Catpay can be used to upgrade cats in-game, pay for tournament entry fees, and unlock various future game features. All CatPay tokens are mined from the game. All CatPay spent on in-game upgrades will be burned, as well as a portion of the CatPay from tournaments.1% of the transaction volume of the marketplace will be used to buy back and burn CatPay.

For Better understanding,

#Cate = AXS

#CatPay = SLP

CatPay Tokenomics

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000 CATpay.

Circulating: 20,000,000,000,000,000 CATpay

Marketing 3% — Released on Marketing and Exchange listing.

Operation and Development 2% — Locked for 6 months

Team 1% — 5,000,000,000,000 CATpay. To be locked for 6 months

Exchange Liquidity 2% (used for exchange listing)

Public sale 20% — 100% to be released on Token Generation.

Ecosystem 22% — Ecosystem token will be used as Gaming reward Staking reward.

Balance 50% token will be locked and will be proposed for burning once community reach reputed position.

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