Upgrade Cats

Cats experience

The initial level of each cat is level 1, and when the battle is completed, the cat will gain a certain amount of experience(exp). When the exp reaches the required exp for the level of upgrade, the player can upgrade the cat.
Using cats to play PVP mode (QuickMatch) and co-op mode will earn exp points.
Surrender in a PVP battle does not gain exp points.
When playing the game when the exp is full, the cat will not gain experience value exceeding the upper limit.


The maximum level of a cat is 20. After each level up, the exp will be cleared.
When cats are upgraded, their attributes will be improved, and different types of cats will get different attributes when they are upgraded.

Upgrade cost

When upgrading the cat, the player needs to spend the corresponding CatPay. The higher the level, the more exp points and CatPay required to upgrade.
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