CatPay Mined Adjustment

As Rise of Cats continues to grow in popularity, the number of players continues to rise.

CatPay is a reward token of Rise of Cats with limited supply, which is different from SLP in Axie or other blockchain game reward tokens. Limited supply makes CatPay more valuable.

In order to protect the interests of our players, keep the game running stably and maintain a good P2E environment, we will adjust the CatPay token economic system to adjust the CatPay mined in game. The new token economic system is similar to Bitcoin.

A community voting has been launched to decide how to adjust the CatPay mined. All profile pic frame holders can participate in the voting. Each rare frame provides 1 vote. Each epic frame provides 3 votes. Each legendary frame provides 12 votes.


When the new token economic system is enabled, we will record the total amount of CatPay available.

CatPay mined rate will be adjusted whenever: Catpay mined amount = Total CatPay amount this round * Adjustment factor.

Each time CatPay mined rate is adjusted, CatPay mined rate decreases by a percentage of the adjustment factor. The remaining CatPay amount will be used as the total amount for the next round of CatPay mined adjustments.

For example, if the adjustment factor is 20%, when the CatPay amount reaches 80% of the total amount, the CatPay mined will be adjusted to 80%. And the next adjustment will start when the CatPay amount reaches 64% (80% * 80%), the CatPay mined will be adjusted to 64%. And so on.

The daily CatPay earning limit increased by profile pic frames will also be adjustment by the CatPay mined adjustment system.

We have developd a new system for players to check the CatPay total supply in game, total burnt and other related values. You can view the CatPay economic status at any time!

Thank you for your support.

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