Ranking & Leaderboard

Ranking score

The initial ranking score of the new player is 1200 points. The score will increase when the player wins in the PVP matching mode, and the score will decrease when the player loses.

The higher the player’s ranking points, the higher the CatPay rewards they will receive when they win.

When the players match, they will match the opponents with close scores according to the current rank point.

PVP Seasons

At the beginning of each PVP season, all player's score will be reset. At the end of the season, players will be rewarded according to their ranking class.

Each season will last for 1 month.

At the beginning of the first season, all players' scores will be reset to 1200 points. At the start of the following new seasons, players' scores will be reset according to the following rules.

New season ranking score = ( Last season ranking score / 2 ) + 300

The start ranking score of new season will not be higher than 2500 or lower than 1000.

During the interval between the previous season and the new season, players can still play PVP mode, but it will not affect the ranking score.

AI Match

In order to ensure the player experience, when the player is temporarily unable to match a suitable opponent, the system will select a random AI player close to the player's ranking score to compete with the matching player.

All rewards and settlements are carried out normally during AI matching.


The leaderboard shows the top players of Rise of Cats.

You can check the top ranking players and the top co-op waves players on leaderboard.

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